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STEP 4: Bake & Destroy PFAS

STEP 4: Destruction

Forever Chemicals Remediation will only be successful if the captured compounds are “broken apart” and the only way we have found to break apart the compounds is by adding heat.  Taking resin, granular activated carbon, or dried R/O brine, to a hazardous landfill is not a solution…eventually this compound will leach out of the landfill.  A minimum temperature of 500C and maybe more are required to break these compounds apart.  Attached is a unit that does not need fuel and uses the heat from the sludge to break the compounds apart.  

This unit uses a Plasma Gas to get to the temperatures required…a simple gasifier, or incinerator will not work unless extra carbon and oxygen is added in the burn chamber…most likely natural gas will be the carbon needed to achieve the correct destruction temperature.

This unit can also “Bake” Municipal Solid Waste, Plastics, Tires, Rubber, Carboard and Green Waste.  This unit was EPA tested and approved in 2016.


Bake & Destroy PFAS

Our destruction oven utilizes a plasma magnetic field that decomposes and bakes waste  at up to 1200 degree Celsius under a pyrolysis process that meets compliance standards, eliminates smoke and harmful gasses from being discharged.

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Our unit requires no external  fossil fuel.   Electricity, generated by our integrated solar panel, is the only energy required

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Eco-Friendly/EPA Accepted

Our unit passes all tests and standards required by the EPA. It has been tested for the suppression of dioxin and furan and has passed.

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The CAPEX for our unit is roughly 20% of a conventional incinerator, with a similar capacity. The long lifespan of the unit results in a high ROI.

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High Temperature Plasma Gas Destruction System

✅  Our Gasification system is simply the most cost-effective way of destroying the PFAS/PFOS compounds in bio-solids. 

✅  Utilization of *plasma magnetic field to create activated negative-ion that leads to decomposition of inorganic and organic materials through the process of **pyrolysis. 

✅  *Plasma: Hot ionized gas consisting approximately equal numbers of positive ions and negative electrons. 

✅  **Pyrolysis: A thermal degradation of substance in the absence of oxygen at high temperature up to 1600 degree Celsius. This breakthrough innovation has enabled continuous self-combustion process without the need of external energy sources (diesel, fuel, electricity). 



Plasma Gas Design 


The sludger can handle all types of wastes including Municipal Solid Waste, Biosolids, Tires, Plastics, Carboard and Green Waste. (We cannot treat, glass, metal and concrete.)


The build structure of the Sludger is guaranteed to last not less than 10 years when it is operated, managed and maintained in accordance to the manufacturer’s established protocol. 


The outer structure is made of 6mm mild steel with a 100mm refractory of concrete which is designed to withstand temperature up to 1650 °Celsius. There are 4 pieces of 10mm 310L stainless steel after the installation of the refractory in the thermal degradation chamber which is designed typically high and elevated temperature operation to as high as 1200 °Celsius. 


The Sludger can function and operate normally even under heavy rain, strong wind, high altitude or cold weather. The sludger can easily be operated with one person per shift and requires very simple training supervisions for operations and maintenance. 


Maintenance and operation protocols are  documented and can be easily mastered. Installation and commissioning at sites will take only 4-6 hours per unit. Maintenance cycles are weekly and quarterly. 

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Sludger Sizing


The sludger is a revolutionary plasma gas destruction units that is capable of destroying 4 dry tons of material a day including plastic, biosolids, wood, carboard, food waste, and tires.


One unit installed to handle Municipal Solids Waste can meet the needs of approximately 5,000 people.   This unit does not require the user to sort the waste.  You can take a bag full of household trash and drop into the sludger and in 1 hour the trash will no longer exist.  


The Sludger is EPA Approved and takes about 4 hours to setup.

Multiple sludgers can be installed to provide a solids handling facility that will surpass any technology currently in the marketplace to destroy solid waste or hazardous waste at a fraction of the cost.  The total weight of plastic on Earth is now 4-TIMES the biomass of all living animals and it must be destroyed.

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