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Trucking Wastewater and Sludge

Creates Road Damage

The U.S. General Accounting Office’s engineers concluded in their road damage study, that a single fully loaded 18-wheeler 5 axle, weighing 80,000 pounds, causes more damage than the equivalent of more than 9,600 cars. As our road systems are rapidly deteriorating across the country, due to the increase of freight moved by trucking companies. We now have an industry on the verge of making a huge impact and difference by lessening the damage to our roads, through utilizing an onsite high tech wastewater and sludge drying solution. For example using the ratio in savings, a municipality that typically hauls 1,000 loads of wastewater offsite each year, can now eliminate 900 of those loads. The efficiency of using a low temperature heat pump system, changes their sludge cake hauling to only 100 trucks per year, thus saving a significant $250,000 annually while eliminating most of their trucking and freight costs and minimizing road damage.

Overweight trucks create road damage that grows exponentially, by increasing a truck’s weight to 90,000 pounds this results in a 42 percent increase in road wear. The weight of a truck and its impact on asphalt has a mathematical relationship instead of linear. Meaning that an 18 wheeler can cause 2,000 times the damage of a regular car and driving slower increases road damage Many of these trucks are overloaded, sometimes hauling over 100,000 pounds and driving on county roads, being overweight also take 25 percent longer to stop than an 80,000 pound truck, according to the Truck Safety Coalition. North Dakota’s hectic pace of the oil field industry is well known for running one quarter of their trucks overloaded. Pavement that was designed to last 15 – 20 years without repairs can now wear out in 5 – 7 years. The asphalt used on our roads today, is not what it used to be. Due to the technological advances and the refining process that strips the high value resins and oils out of it. Once the asphalt has started to oxidize, it will begin to crack under these heavy traffic loads.

The U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast from 2017 – 2027, shows both growth in overall freight volumes and in the amount of goods moved by truck. “Truckload volumes will grow 2% annually between 2016 and 2022 and 1.6% per year after that until 2027.

Creating Sustainability

“One Industry at a Time”

USA Sludge is an onsite state of the art sludge treatment solution, applicable for treating all wastewater and sludge industries across the country. We can create a huge reduction in sludge cake hauling and the wear and tear of our roadways, not to mention the benefits and sustainability, significant savings and efficiency. Along with the trucking wastewater and sludge industry, are there other industries that can help minimize road damage?

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