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Patent-Pending Process for the Total Remediation of PFAS Chemicals


The only turn-key solution that captures and destroys PFAS compounds out of water and sludge in an environmentally friendly process without adding additional filters to the water or wastewater treatment plant.


Inexpensive Licenses are available for The PFAS Treatment Process

Our Process

USA Sludge process is customized based on the amount of sludge that must be destroyed. We work with each plant to solve their unique needs, with the ultimate goal of destroying “forever chemicals” completely in a carbon neutral way.

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 STEP 1 

Mineral Nanoparticles

We use our customized all-natural nanoparticle filtration to attack the ”Forever Chemicals from the water into the sludge for removal.

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 STEP 2 

Dewater Sludge/Biosolids

Remaining wastewater sludge  that holds the ”Forever Chemicals” are dewatered with our system or the current WWTP’s system.

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 STEP 3 

Dry Sludge/Biosolids

USA Sludge’s unique closed-loop drying system dries the dewatered sludge down to 90% solids. The captured water from the drying process is used in the plasma generator.

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 STEP 4 

Heated & Eliminated 

Our EPA approved plasma generator system heats over 1000° C to eliminate “Forever Chemicals” while remaining energy efficient and carbon negative. 

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4/16/2021 - Patent Filing

PFAS in situ Remediation in Water

A waste treatment method that includes the steps of: adding mineral compounds to water to separate solid material from the water through settling or filtration, adding biological compositions to digest organic matter, dewatering the sludge with a Centrifuge, Filter or Incline Screw Press and then dried to at least 75% solids, and gasified incinerated or plasma charged burning at a minimum of 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit. The remediation method may be used in any water. 

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